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❖ BORN: December 18 on a snowy day in Whittier, California

❖ EDUCATION: Graduated from Whittier College & later earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology with her dissertation on Marital Satisfaction in Dual-Career Couples, 1980.

❖ HOBBIES: Tennis (2x+/week for 50+ years), nightly walks at Balboa Island, piano, baking, traveling, hiking & a lifelong Girl Scout & Dodgers fan.

❖ ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Purchased her beloved 1968 Mustang & her 1st house in Orange County in 1977.

❖ MARRIAGE: George & Jan met at Club Med, Tahiti. After a long distance relationship between CA & NY, they married only 1 year later on August 12, 1978 in Newport Beach - 43 years of marriage.

❖ PROFESSIONAL: Starting as a junior high math teacher, she later did her internship at UCSB & started as a counselor at CSUDH before finding her home as a tenured counselor & professor of the popular Human Relationships class at Saddleback College. As a clinical psychologist, she maintained a full private practice in Newport Beach for 35+ years.

❖ CHILDREN: The best mommy in the world to her 2 children Lisa & David! She encouraged them to follow their dreams & to have fun while doing it!

❖ TRAVEL: throughout the USA as well as Austria, Canada, Czechia, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Italy, France, Germany, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Portugal, Scandinavia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tahiti, Turkey, UAE & UK. Above all, she loved the US National Parks & was planning to return to her favorite, Yosemite.


Donate to the Dr. Jan Ventura Memorial Scholarship at Saddleback College established in perpetuity to honor all of her contributions to the college during her 20+ years as a tenured counselor and professor of her popular

Human Relationships class.

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